Lawrence School, Brookline, MA

Bake Sale to Benefit Children in Lesotho

                                                  June 13, 2006


Second grade students at the Lawrence School in Brookline, Massachusetts have answered our call for volunteers by sharing their time and talents with the Maseru Children's Village in Lesotho, southern Africa.

The children in Jill Puleo's and Marie Leman's classes painted bold, bright and beautiful pictures to decorate the walls at the Maseru Children's Village, an orphanage for children ages 5 to 13. The second graders also hosted a bake sale at the school to raise money to pay for the cost of shipping items such as toothbrushes, pencils, and combs to the Maseru Children's Village.

Below are pictures of our youngest volunteers and future entrepreneurs in action at their unbelievably successful bake sale.