The First US Screening of the Documentary Film

"Prince Harry and the Forgotten Kingdom"

May 16, 2006

To draw attention to the plight of AIDS orphans, a cause close to his late mother Diana's heart, Prince Harry has made "The Forgotten Kingdom," a documentary about children in the AIDS-stricken southern African country of Lesotho. The then 19-year-old prince spent eight weeks in Lesotho, working at children's orphanages and throughout the film showed how deeply moved he was by the children of Lesotho.



  Elizabeth Ziemba, President of SHARED, began the evening talking about the AIDS epidemic in Lesotho where more than 180,000 children are orphans in a country of about 2 million people.  "There are more than 2 AIDS orphans in Lesotho for every person living in Brookline," she said.  "We can make a difference in their lives, here, tonight, right now."



          Following the movie, Her Excellency Mrs. Molelekeng Rapolaki, Ambassador from Lesotho to the United States, discussed her government's response to the AIDS epidemic with an emphasis on the devastating effect on children in Lesotho. Pictured is SHARED's President Elizabeth Ziemba with our distinguished guest.



Ambassador Molelekeng Rapolaki with SHARED's supporters, John and Judy Gay



    William Docken and Nancy Nicosia, supporters of SHARED's efforts, Irving Stackpole, Founding Director of SHARED and Her Excellency Molelekong Rapolaki



              Irving Stackpole, member of SHARED's Board of Directors,

                     Ambassador Ms. Molelekong Rapolaki, and her son



A guest; the honored Ambassador of Lesotho, Molelekeng Rapolaki; Dr. William Bicknell, Chairman Emeritus of the Department of International Health at Boston University; the wife of Dr. Timothy Thahane, Lesotho's Minister of Finance and Development Planning; and SHARED's President, Elizabeth Ziemba



         Ambassador Molelekeng Rapolaki engages in conversation with Lauren Babich,

                  Deputy Director of the Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance