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Our Mission

Given the wealth and resources of this world, it is unacceptable that millions of people die or are disabled due to lack of access to readily accessible and affordable medicines and basic nutrition. SHARED is committed to ensuring that, at all times, every person in every country has the proper medicines and vaccines to enable them to live healthy, productive lives as well as the tools to feed themselves home grown food. Through small gestures of millions of caring people, our dream is for people everywhere to live to old age, no matter where they were born.

Our Mission

The mission of SHARED is to improve global health for the world's poorest by increasing the availability of essential medicines and vaccines. Working in partnership with the private and public sectors, SHARED will expand the availability of vital medicines by providing innovative research and entrepreneurial experience to develop and implement dynamic new programs and to make existing programs even stronger. Partnerships reach out to the general public including corporate shareholders, employees and consumers to foster their participation in improving the health of the world's poorest people.




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