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In selecting our projects, we search for partners and opportunities to match our organizational mission. We look for strong existing programs that deliver essential medicines to the poorest people in the world and for people who seek to create innovative, research based partnerships to expand the reach of their services.

Current Projects:

"Determine the Future" of southern Africa Program

Surrounded on all four borders by South Africa, Lesotho has the third highest prevalence of HIV in the world. A national effort is underway to mobilize resources to deliver healthcare to the country's 2.2 million people, a third of whom are HIV positive. SHARED has identified several organizations in Lesotho that are working with the more than 180,000 orphans and abandoned children whose lives are devastated by this disease. By providing, shelter, food and access to medical care, these organizations are helping to "Determine the Future" of southern Africa one child at a time. SHARED is committed to working with these organizations to improve the health of the children they serve.

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Please Contact SHARED directly if your organization would like learn more about partnering with SHARED for a project to improve access to essential medicines.



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