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SHARED is a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds joining together to fight against the growing number of people dying or disabled because they do not have access to vital medicines, vaccines, and nutrition. Through our business and results-oriented talents, we bring a unique set of skills and experience to this enormous problem. We are dedicated to improving access to essential medicines using a combination of proven business skills, innovative research and unique, effective funding techniques.

- Our Board of Directors -

George Ferencik, Director

George Ferencik is a senior executive with extensive experience in many facets of health care sector. Mr. Ferencik began his health care management experience as a Clinical Administrator at Massachusetts General Hospital. After entering the post-acute service arena as Administrator of a specialized long term care facility, he founded a number of clinical brain injury rehabilitation service facilities known as The Greenery. Mr. Ferencik has been involved in executive level healthcare management and has been engaged in healthcare site development, regulatory approval, financing, and construction of healthcare assets for over thirty years. Also, he is a founding executive board member of the National Brain Injury Association.


Presently, George engages senior executives and health care facility directors to assist with their strategic planning and asset acquisition and disposition. In collaboration with financing institutions and / or construction management firms, George will provide guidance and representation in achieving objectives set by principals of closely held companies.


Mr. Ferencik brings his knowledge of the private and public sectors to SHARED where he will engage businesses and individuals in support of the work done by our organization.


Joyce Ozer, BA, Director

With more than twenty years experience in the field of Human Resources, Ms. Ozer has extensive knowledge of and contacts in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries and their human resources management.  She has experience in training as well as recruitment and retention, skills that will assist SHARED as it grows.

A long time volunteer with SHARED, Joyce has amply demonstrated her commitment to global health issues.  Ms. Ozer has quickly stepped into events planning and coordinating volunteers for the organization, roles that require her enjoyment of meeting new people while providing project management oversight.

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Susan Ricciardi, Director

Susan Ricciardi is a seasoned health care executive who has worked in the respiratory care sector throughout her professional life.


Ms. Ricciardi started her career as the manager of the Respiratory Care Department at Burbank Hospital, Fitchburg, MA, Chelsea Memorial Hospital, Chelsea, MA and Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, Nashua, NH. Susan then moved to Baxter Healthcare as a Sales Representative. Over a period of 25 years, she established herself in  Respiratory Homecare as a Branch Manager for Medical Home Providers, Director of Sales and Marketing for Amcare Medical and most recently as Vice-President, Respiratory Division for AM-PM Medical, Brighton, MA.


Simultaneously, Ms. Ricciardi has been an established leader in the nonprofit sector. She was active with Massachusetts Society of Respiratory Care serving on the Program and Education Committee for over 10 years and was elected Vendor of the Year in 2000. Susan joined the Board of the American Lung Association of Boston and was appointed its President of the Board. During her tenure, she became a certified fund raiser and was named Volunteer of the Year by the American Lung Association of Massachusetts.


Ms. Ricciaridi brings her knowledge of the nonprofit sector and top-notch skills as a fund raiser to SHARED in support of our programs.


Thomas R. Shane, JD, MBA, Founding Director

For more than thirty years, Mr. Shane has worked to build entrepreneurial enterprises in the clothing, technology, food, and personal services business for a variety of clients. Providing strategic planning, marketing, distribution and operational savvy (including web sites) to business people in many industries, he is known for creative approaches to solving real-time business problems as founder of the Business Strategy Group, www.bizstrategygroup.com.

In addition to his business acumen, Tom has had a successful legal practice working with for-profit and non-profit organizations to assist with routinely negotiating and managing mergers and acquisitions, finance, and other business issues. His expertise in the area of partnerships is essential for SHARED to develop crucial public-private partnerships in achieving its organizational goals.

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Irving L. Stackpole, BA, M.Ed., RRT, Founding Director

With more than thirty five years experience in the health care field, Mr. Stackpole has substantial expertise in marketing and research. As President of Stackpole & Associates,www.stackpoleassociates.com Irving conducts market research including customer satisfaction measurement for non-profit as well as for-profit healthcare organizations. By expanding traditional statistical concepts, Mr. Stackpole uses innovative methods to improve the delivery of healthcare services for his clients.

As a Director of SHARED, Mr. Stackpole provides guidance in areas of research and marketing as well as business operations. He oversees the development and implementation of surveys and other research instruments, thereby assuring the quality of information obtained as part of the research conducted by the organization His participation is vital to the research and operations of SHARED.

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Elizabeth A. Ziemba, JD, MPH, Founding Director and President

As Founder of SHARED, Ms. Ziemba brings a combination of experience in the field of business, law and public health to the organization. Having formulated the concept of the PharmaShares project, Elizabeth organized SHARED as a vehicle to launch this concept and other projects.

In addition to the successful practice of law, Ms. Ziemba operated an international recruitment business and has conducted the research essential to the development of SHARED. She brings her vision and drive to the Board of Directors to guide the organization from initial development to successful operations.

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- Web Administration -

Jason Summerfield, MSW

SHARED's web site has been designed and developed by Jason Summerfield of Human Service Solutions, a business that provides web development and consulting services for health, human service, and nonprofit organizations of all types.

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- Advisory Board -

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