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Celebration Gifting- Hot Topics

Planning an event can be an overwhelming task. For those individuals who are concerned about the environmental and societal impact of their planning choices, finding reliable information to help in the decision making process is extremely important. “Hot Topics” are designed to assist thoughtful celebrants and planners make the choices that are right for them and the environment.

Shop for SHARED

Part of the “Celebration Gifting” program is to provide up to date information on select “Hot Topics” and identify businesses and organizations that are socially responsible. Many of these businesses are partners in the “ Shop for SHARED ” program where a portion of your purchases are returned by the business to SHARED as a “Thank you” to us.

Please print out this “ Shop for SHARED coupon to take to a participating business. The top portion of the coupon should be presented to the merchant because it verifies that you were referred to the business through our web site. The lower portion of the coupon should be returned to us with information about your purchase to confirm the transaction.  If it is easier for you, please send us an email with the same information as is found on the coupon.

Making a purchase at a store that is not listed as a “ Shop for SHARED ” participant? Print out the coupon and ask the store to sign up for the program with us. Additional qualifying businesses will continue to be listed for all categories of event planning items.


Hot Topic: Conflict-Free Diamonds

What are “Conflict Free diamonds” and who sells them? Check out our section on “Conflict-Free diamonds” to learn about the diamond certification process, man-made diamonds, and view a select list of jewelers who sell conflict free diamonds and who participate in the “ Shop for SHARED ” program.

Hot Topic: Dirty Gold

What is “dirty gold” and who sells recycled gold? Read more about this emerging issue. Find a list of jewelers who sell recycled gold and who are signed up for the “ Shop for SHARED ” program

Hot Topic: Eco-Friendly Travel


Planning a honeymoon or vacation and want to travel in an environmentally responsible fashion to a location that is environmentally sensitive? If you are looking for suggestions on reducing carbon emissions or finding an inn that serves organic, vegetarian food, read more about what you can do to have a great time while doing the right thing for the environment. Also, browse our directories of Responsible Tourism destinations and Eco Tourism vacations.

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Check back soon for more Hot Topics!


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