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Celebration Gifting

Looking for a creative and caring way to celebrate the milestones in your life? “Celebration Gifting” offers the personalized touches for your celebration while sharing the abundance of your life with some of the world's poorest people.

As an alternative to traditional party favors or cookie-cutter gifts, SHARED offers the opportunity for you to make a life saving donation or purchase as a unique way of celebrating the joy of your wedding, civil union, birthday, anniversary, bar mitzvah or any day that is special for you. Visit “Your Event” for information on how you can participate in improving global health by sharing your abundant good fortune with the people SHARED serves, - people who lack access to the essentials of good health like medicine and food.

The “Celebration Gift Shop” features hand made items from the two countries where SHARED works, Armenia and Lesotho. These party favors and gift items provide income to individuals in these poverty stricken countries, allowing them to purchase life's necessities with dignity. Want a truly unique gift? Custom made items are available through our partners for those special one of a kind gifts for that one of a kind person or couple.

Links to Fair Trade sites offer a larger selection of items from which to choose, all designed with you in mind.

Showcasing “Celebration Gifting” celebrants, the “Featured Event” section highlights one of SHARED's supporters putting the elements of this program into action. Take a look at how like-minded people are creating change in the world.

Where can thoughtful and caring people go to learn more about ways to celebrate while being socially responsible? Check out our “Hot Topics” section which includes information and suggestions about Conflict Free Diamonds, Dirty Gold, and Eco-friendly Travel.  Read about these topics while planning your event and patronize the businesses that operate with a high degree of social responsibility.

Celebrants, guests, event planners, couples and party givers are encouraged to work with SHARED to create the perfect, custom fit for any occasion. Contact us to improve access to the essentials of good health for all people while celebrating your special event. Join our “Celebration Gifting” program today!




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