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The goal of education is the advancement of
knowledge and the dissemination of truth.

- John F. Kennedy
Harvard University address, 1956

Research is a vital element in developing programs and creating innovative ways to improve health for the world's poorest. Key reports are available here for your review.  Feedback about the work we are doing is welcome!

Papers currently available:

1. "Public-Private Partnerships for Product Development: Financial, scientific and managerial issues as challenges to ensure success" by Elizabeth Ziemba for the World Health Organization's Commission on Intellectual Property RIghts, Innovation and Public Health, March 2005.

Challenges to Public-Private Partnerships for Product Development


2. "Public-Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases: Opportunities to Address Pharmaceutical Gaps for Neglected Diseases", background report by Elizabeth Ziemba for the "Priority Medicines for Europe and the World" published by the World Health Organization, Department of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy by Warren Kaplan and Richard Laing, November 2004.

Public Private Partnerships for Neglected Diseases


3. "Public-Private Partnerships and Essential Drugs: Expanding Leadership to Include Shareholders as a Key to Success", by Elizabeth Ziemba, copyright November 2001. This paper features a discussion of the Partnership for Ivermectin and the Children's Vaccine Initiative as well as concepts such as "green marketing", socially responsible investment vehicles, and good corporate citizenship. The PharmaShares concept is introduced in this paper.
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4. "Memorandum: Concept Testing and Feasibility Research" from Stackpole &
Associates, Boston, MA. This Memorandum sets out a strategy for working with a pharmaceutical company to pilot test the PharmaShares concept.
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