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Rain does not fall on one roof alone.
- African proverb

The challenges of improving global health are vast. As an individual, you may feel powerless to change the situation for the better. But there is much each of us can do. And a small gesture can bring about more of a change than you might expect.

First, educate yourself about global health issues. Immerse yourself in a subject that is of interest to you such as nutritional blindness, West Nile virus, or tuberculosis and then learn about it. Discover what causes it, who gets it, how it is treated, where it exists, and what is being done to prevent and treat it. If you need a place to start, visit our "Hot Topics" section and learn about an important global health issue. The "Links" and "Bibliography" sections will lead you to additional information about various topics.

Second, give your time, skill and money to a global health organization. Contact an organization and offer to share your experience and commitment to a cause that is important to you. Of course we would be delighted if you supported our goals by making a financial contribution to SHARED or our partners. What is important is getting involved in any way you can.

Third, visit the survey section on our website and complete it for us. We value your input and want to know your opinions about the global health issues raised in that survey. Our surveys change periodically so revisit this part of our website on a regular basis. Email us, participate in our message board, and send us your questions, comments, and suggestions. Visit the Message Board section and post comments and questions. Let us know how you feel about the work we are doing.

Fourth, promote good corporate citizenship! If you work for a company, encourage the business to partner with non-profits to support worthy causes and to create opportunities for employees to shine as volunteers. Write letters to local, national or international businesses to express your support of their good work or to voice your objection to their lack of involvement in important health issues. Visit our "Donation Programs" section to learn about some of the partnerships created by the world's leading pharmaceutical companies to combat disease. Let these corporations know that their programs are important to you and should receive expanded support. If your company would like to become a partner in global health, contact us and let's discuss the ways to make that happen.

If you are a shareholder in a company that participates in a partnership with a non-profit organization, be sure to attend shareholder meetings or vote by proxy. Read the annual report, visit the company website, and be on the lookout for shareholder resolutions dealing with health issues. Shareholders are banding together and submitting resolutions to be voted on at annual meetings. These resolutions may encourage the corporation to take an expanded role in global health partnerships or programs. Learn about these resolutions and express your opinion of them before and during the annual meeting.

Or better yet, become a leader and draft a resolution yourself, supporting a global health issue. There are many organizations and resources available to assist corporate shareholders to become more involved. Visit the website for Shareholder Action Network for news about upcoming annual meetings, proxy voting, and resolutions or visit www.business.com and look at their shareholder resolution guidelines to learn about the role of corporate stockholders. Look up keywords such as "shareholder proposal" or "corporate citizenship" to learn more about this opportunity for involvement.

Fifth, visit the "PharmaShares" section of our website and learn about this innovative proposal for funding access to essential medicines. Contact us with your comments and suggestions. If you like the idea, contact the major pharmaceutical and investment companies and encourage them to work with us to develop this idea.

Your contribution to the fight to improve health is vital and does make a difference because you are not acting alone. Through the actions of millions of people the health of people worldwide can improve. Get involved and change someone's life today.


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