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Make your tax deductible contribution!

Tax-deductible donations received by SHARED will be used to support our mission to improve access to essential medicines. SHARED is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Massachusetts. Donations made to SHARED are tax-deductible to the fullest extent under law and a receipt will be sent to you to acknowledge your kind donation.

Donate by Mail

Mail contributions to:

1018 Beacon Street

Suite 201
Brookline, MA 02446-4058

Please make checks payable to:


Donate Online

SHARED has partnered with Click and Pledge to allow for convenient, safe and secure online donations.

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

Does Your Employer Have a Gift Matching Program?

Increase the impact of your gift to SHARED through your company's matching gift program!  Many companies double (or even triple) their employees' gifts to eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofits like SHARED.

To find out if your company matches donations and how they do it, contact your human resources manager for more information.  SHARED will provide any information necessary for eligibility requirements.

Thank you for your support and stretch your giving dollar even farther!

The Marriage of Weddings and Charitable Giving


Thanks to an email from a couple in Majorca, Spain, SHARED will receive donations in lieu of wedding gifts for this charity-minded couple. Mr. Morten Sondergaard and Miss Anett Bernhardt Jensen, who were married on September 23, 2006, asked invited guests to make a contribution to SHARED as a wedding gift. The couple found the SHARED web site on the internet and wants to support our work with AIDS orphans in Lesotho.

Couples everywhere are connecting their wedding day with their favorite charity by asking for donations to be made in lieu of wedding gifts. They are even making charitable donations as wedding favors. Whether it is a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, anniversary or any other occasion, we can help you make any event a way to raise money for your favorite charity while celebrating a special day.


If you would like to connect SHARED with charitable giving for your special day, please contact us to talk about what you would like to make your day special while helping others in need.


Do You Have an Inkjet Printer? Then Let's Recycle and Fund Raise!  


Help us earn cash by recycling your used printer cartridges. Simply put the used cartridges in one of our preprinted, postage prepaid baggies and send them off like regular mail. Our organization gets paid up to $4.00 per cartridge!


We are a member of the Empties4Cash program which pays nonprofits for getting individuals and businesses to recycle using our specially printed baggies (which are given to us free of charge). If you have a Canon, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark or Sharp inkjet printer, your recycling can earn money for us. Check the list of acceptable cartridges and start recycling today.


Sign up today for our recycling program by sending an email to contact@healthshares.org with your name and mailing address. Tell us how many cartridges you recycle per month and we'll send you the baggies to use for recycling. Each month Empties4Cash automatically sends us a check for the value of the cartridges! It is that simple.


Whether you have one printer at home or dozens or hundreds of them at work, let's recycle together. If you would like to help us by recycling at work and throw away dozens or hundreds of cartridges per month, we can provide postage prepaid boxes to use instead of baggies. Either way, this program is free of charge!


Don't throw away those empty cartridges! Use your empty printer cartridge to raise money for SHARED.

Calling All Road Warriors!  Donate Your Miles on British Airways

Traveling to our partner communities in Lesotho and Armenia is a necessary aspect of our work to ensure the success and growth of our projects yet it is a very expensive part of our overhead.  If you have 60,000 miles or more on British Airways that you would like to donate to allow one of our staff to travel without putting a big dent in our budget, please contact us to discuss sharing your miles.

Attention eBay Shoppers!!


Did you know that you can list an item for sale on eBay and donate some or all of the proceeds to SHARED?   Here's how it works:


First, sign in at www.MissionFish.org and select SHARED from the list of nonprofits to receive your tax-deductible contribution. Pick a percentage of the proceeds to donate to SHARED and complete your listing as you would with any eBay transaction. MissionFish contacts SHARED asking us to accept the listing. The item then appears on eBay Giving Works. When the item is sold, the donation is paid to SHARED. You receive a receipt acknowledging your tax-deductible contribution to SHARED. For more information please visit www.MissionFish.org or call us at (617) 277 – 7800.


eBay Sellers, please consider donating to SHARED next time you list an item with eBay and eBay Buyers, please bid generously!

What do you give to the person who has everything? A donation!

Don't know what to get for that person who has everything?  Why not make a healthy donation to SHARED in the person's name?  You get a tax deduction and the person receives a personal note telling of your thoughtfulness and generosity.  Doesn't that make shopping easier?


SHARED is committed to running a fiscally responsible and transparent organization with reasonable administrative costs, dedicating our resources to improving access to essential drugs. Our annual report stating our purposes, programs and operating budget as well as IRS Form 990 will be made available upon request.

Contributions are tax deducible!

Thank you for your support and please contact us directly with any questions you may have about your donation.



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