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SHARED is committed to creating partnerships to improve access to essential medicines for the world's poorest.   We are a non-profit organization with a unique approach for developing socially responsible business solutions.


SHARED Solutions:  A Results-Oriented Approach to

Working with Businesses:  

Every business has its challenges.   SHARED sees these challenges as opportunities to work with businesses to create shared solutions that result in benefits not only for employees and customers but also for those in need of access to medicines in developing countries.


We take a business goal or problem and turn it into a social opportunity .

This approach is called SHARED Solutions.


Here's an example of an actual SHARED Solutions project in action - "Cookin' for a Cause".


Business Challenge:   Kisco Senior Living, a national chain of independent and assisted living communities, identified a goal to improve food services and quality for the residents.


Creative Response:  SHARED worked with Kisco Senior Living to develop the “Cookin' for a Cause” project, an innovative business solution that also supports the SHARED portfolio of projects.

To implement “Cookin for a Cause”, Kisco Senior Living is collecting recipes from residents, families and staff to create a cookbook to preserve and share cherished family recipes. These recipes are tested and served at the different communities to bring a broader and healthier variety of meals to residents. Cook-off contests and tastings at different communities are two of the fun ways Kisco Senior Living has used to collect recipes, actively engaging residents, families and employees.


Social Opportunity:   The proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will be donated to SHARED to provide medical care to orphans and other needed children in southern Africa . Grandparents are most often the primary caretakers of the more than 14 million AIDS orphans. Kisco's “Cookin' for a Cause” project is nicknamed “Grandparents for Grandparents”, honoring the special status of seniors everywhere.


Results:   Not only does Kisco Senior Living meet the goal of bringing better food to its residents as well as engaging residents and staff in this process but also helps to care for orphaned and abandoned children.   And the project is fun for everyone!


We bring extra value to our relationships with our business partners by helping their businesses succeed while they help us accomplish our mission.    

Give us a business goal or problem and let us develop SHARED Solutions for your organization that also has the ability to effect social change.   Together we can change the way you do business while we change the world.

Contact us to find out how we can build a successful business relationship that results in better access to essential medicines.



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