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Building Partnerships

Global health issues are enormous in terms of complexity, geography, and scope. The skills, money, and commitment needed to tackle these problems are too much for a single organization to address. There is strength in numbers, which is why partnerships are the favored approach to face these daunting challenges. SHARED can work with you to select an appropriate partner, develop and implement creative approaches to working together, implement and evaluate the project as well as partnership, and make research-based recommendations to improve the partnership and program.

SHARED offers assistance with partnership development, implementation and evaluation. First, if your organization, whether for-profit or nonprofit, is interested in entering into a partnership with a global health goal in mind, we can help. We will begin by understanding your organization's values and goals in pursuing a private-public partnership. Then we can help identify prospective partners while developing innovative projects for joint participation. Our years of business experience can foster creative ideas and approaches to the demanding challenges of global health problems.

Once a partnership is established and a project formulated, SHARED will work with you to implement and evaluate the project and partnership. The number of private-public partnerships is growing every day but much needs to be learned about these dynamic enterprises. We are interested in exploring issues with you concerning donation programs of all types.

Following the research, design, and implementation phases, the results should be analyzed and recommendations made for generating improvements. We will work with your organization to suggest creative and practical ways to ensure that the partnership is moving in a positive direction and achieving its goals of improving access to essential medicines.

Please contact us today to discuss how SHARED can work with your organization.




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